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  • Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) aqueous solution (DG)

    Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) aqueous solution (DG)

    Formaldehyde 20%, 16%, 8%, and 4%, EM Grade prepared from paraformaldehyde A more efficient and rapid penetrant fixative used in combination with Glutaraldehyde and Acrolein fixatives. Formaldehyde solution prepared from...
  • BEEM embedding capsules, size 3, PE

    These capsules, made from polyethylene, produce blocks with a 5.6mm O.D. and a pyramid tip. Comes complete with a hinged cap. 
    From $30.00
  • Osmium Tetroxide (DG)

    **THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED BY ROAD TRANSPORT** This product is listed as DANGEROUS GOODS for the purposes of shipping. Please do not order express or international shipping, as this...
    From $40.00
  • Grids, lacey carbon film, standard thickness

    This carbon coated film on a broken pattern consists of woven-mesh-like openings of different sizes and shapes. This type of pattern provides support but does not interfere when observing specimen...
    From $52.00
  • Glassine paper

    This glassine weighing paper is moisture-resistant and nonabsorbent.
    From $29.00
  • Specimen filing box system, cardboard

    Specimen filing box system, cardboard

    Moisture resistant, plastic coated corrugated boxes. They interlock and may be stacked ten units high to support over 200kg in weight. Each box holds 2000 slides or 500 tissue blocks. ...
  • EMS lens tissue, 114 x 127mm

    EMS Lens tissue is extremely soft and does not lint or scratch and it is free from mineral or vegetable filler.Safe for any optical surface such as camera lenses, microscopes,...
  • Crystalbond, temporary adhesive

    A temporary adhesive. These wash-away adhesives are used as a temporary bond for holding delicate crystals, metallurgical specimens, glass components, and ceramic substrates for dicing, slicing, drilling and polishing. These...
    From $59.00
  • Syringes, disposable, rubber piston, luer slip tip

    These high quality disposable rubber piston syringes offer substantial savings. A lubricated synthetic rubber piston allows for a smooth draw while a positive stop prevents accidental pull out. Bold graduations...
  • Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, EM Grade 10%

    Vacuum distilled, free from polymer and other contaminants. Each lot has been tested and assayed. Polymers re-form depending on storage time and temperature. Available in bottles or in pre-scored, snap-open,...
    From $26.00
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