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  • Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, EM Grade 25% (DG)

    After glutaraldehyde has been purified to EM grade, it has a high risk of polymerizing if it is not handled properly. Electron Micro-scopy Sciences takes special precautions to assure a...
    From $41.00
  • EMS lens tissue, 114 x 127mm

    EMS Lens tissue is extremely soft and does not lint or scratch and it is free from mineral or vegetable filler.Safe for any optical surface such as camera lenses, microscopes,...
  • Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) aqueous solution (DG)

    Formaldehyde 20%, 16%, 8%, and 4%, EM Grade prepared from paraformaldehyde A more efficient and rapid penetrant fixative used in combination with Glutaraldehyde and Acrolein fixatives. Formaldehyde solution prepared from...
  • Slide Box-Foam-Blue (100)

    The slide box is available with either a cork or foam backing and features a secure lock to ensure it does not open accidentally.Slide Boxes, various sizes and colours available...
  • EM grid, formvar/carbon, square, 300 mesh

    A formvar coated grid, stabilized with evaporated carbon film. This type of coating is excellent for specimen support, especially for ultra thin sections.Support Film on grids has become a main...
    From $78.00
  • Cellulose acetate 35nm thick, 150 x 100mm

    These sheets are available in two different plastics and three thicknesses. The material softens in Acetone and can be applied and gently pressed against a surface which was also wetted...
  • Rinzl plastic coverslips

    Rinzl plastic coverslips

    RINZL PLASTIC COVERSLIPS Features Made from clear vinyl plastic Unbreakable, will not scratch or cut fingers Used in biological and medical labs, etc. Thickness 0.28mm Refractive index of glass Not...
  • Scalpel blade remover and disposal unit

    Designed for safe and easy removal/disposal of used disposable blades from any size or type of scalpel handle. It improves safety and hygiene by eliminating direct hand-blade contact. Depending on...
  • Laser Cryo-Tags on roll

    Convenient - Dispensing box assists in labelling individual tubes used in small experiments. Easy to Write on - PVC labels accept writing from most lab markers including our Solvent Resistant...
    From $72.00
  • EM grid, lacey carbon, Cu

    Support Film on grids has become a main product line for us since the demand for high quality coated grids has increased. To make your microscopy work easier and to...
    From $48.00
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