Paraformaldehyde, granular

Paraformaldehyde, granular

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EM grade, purified
A fast penetrating E.M. fixative in combination with other fixatives.

Paraformaldehyde is the condensation product of methylene glycol, a substance not so far isolated in its pure form; it is a white solid with a formaldehyde content between 78 and 98% and is supplied either as a Prill or Granular - ask. All forms contain more than 95.5% paraformaldehyde content. The Prill and Granular forms are small, free-flowing, dust-free beads, the most desired by EM users. A fast-penetrating EM fixative used in combination with Glutaraldehyde, Acrolein, and Osmium Tetroxide.

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See also C004 prepared paraformaldehyde.
Paraformaldehyde solutions are listed (on page C4) as Formaldehyde

Shipping GA within Australia now costs real money - we suggest switching to prepared Paraformaldehyde