Eukitt Mounting medium classic

Eukitt Mounting medium classic

  • $244.00
Product Code: EMS15320-10


The gold-standard of mounting media for cover slipping machines.

EUKITT® Classic was formulated for use in Automated Coverslipping machines. Slide preparations with EUKITT® Classic exhibit minimal discoloration and perfect drying without any bubbles and streaks. With EUKITT® Classic ideal viscosity (500-750 mPa's) it is a perfect formulation for all automated machines.

Supplied in a wide neck, unbreakable aluminium bottle. The product has a shelf life of 3 years.

  • Fast drying for rapid results
  • Neutral and colorless
  • Well proven formulation
  • Long-term stability


Refractive index n[20°C] 1.49
Viscosity 500-750 mPa*s
Drying time 20 minutes
No yellowing after long storage
No brittle fracture
No self-fluorescence under UV light