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Product Code: EMS14750


Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete discount package for new labs and established labs starting new projects. This package is arranged to enable a laboratory to perform standard preparations of biological specimens with enough supplies to last.

Fixation Kit:

Code Description Pack size
EMS19100 Osmium tetroxide crystal 5 x 1g
EMS19150 Osmium tetroxide 4% solution 10 x 2mL
EMS16320 Glutaraldehyde EM grade 50% 10 x 10mL
EMS16020 Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 8% 10 x 10mL
EMS19202 Paraformaldehyde, Prill 1 kilo
EMS15710 Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) 16% aqueous solution 10 x 10mL