Histobloc For S and Q

Histobloc For S and Q

  • $232.00
Product Code: EMS14654-60


Due to the special demand for the thinnest possible sections, polymerized Technovit 7100 is most elastic and it is therefore recommended to fix the embedded specimen on a universal stable mount, to insure optimum clamping and cutting.

To avoid a subsequent complicated removal of the specimens from the mount, an inexpensive disposable version was developed.


  • Fixed easily, securely and permanently
  • Clamped into all rotary microtomes without adapter
  • Embedded in the elastic Technovit in such a way that thinnest sections may be cut
  • Optimally fixed using Technovit 3040 at low cost(polymerization in 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Easy to write on
  • Link together for storage