Silver conductive adhesive 478SS

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Product Code: EMS12685-15


Our adhesive 478SS is a conductive, silver-based polymer which is used for thick film coatings where liquid silver is not an option. Once cured, it offers a very high Tg (glass transition temperature) 153°F (67°C) to prevent blocking, and offers superior adhesion to polyester film. Adhesive 478SS can be cured at 200°F (93°C) within 15 minutes. Higher temperatures will reduce the time needed to achieve a final cure. Typical Properties = (As Supplied) Pigment: Silver Binder: Polyester Colour: Silver Dilutent: Carbitol acetate Consistency: Paste (13,000-28,000 cps) Solid content: 72.5-75.5% Flash point: 230°F (110°C) Shelf life: 6 months under original seal (As Cured) Colour: Silver Sheet resistance: <0.025 ohm/sq @ 1 mil