Epo-Tek H20E Adhesive

Epo-Tek H20E Adhesive

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Product Code: EMS12671-20E


EPO-TEK® H20E is a two component, 100% solids silver-filled epoxy system for chip/electronic bonding in microelectronic and optoelectronic as well as SEM mounting applications. Used extensively for themal management applications due to its high thermal conductivity.

  • EPO-TEK® H20E features high thermal conductivity, and is very well suited for extensive high temperature applications (300-400°C)
  • Extremly reliable conductive adhesive choice for new and old applications
  • H20E contains no solvents and will not outgas
  • When cured, H20E is resistant to solvents, resin and moisture
  • Long Pot life (2½ days)
  • Shelf life is one year when store at 23°C

Maximum Bond Line Cure Schedule:

175°C 45 seconds
150°C 5 minutes
120°C 15 minutes
80°C 3 hours

Typical properties:

(To be used as a guide only, not as a specification. Data below is NOT guaranteed. Different batches, conditions and applications yield differing results; Cure condition: 150°C/1 hour; *denotes test on lot acceptance basis)

Physical Properties

*Color: Part A: silver; Part B: silver
*Consistency: Smooth, thixotropic paste
*Viscosity (@ 100 RPM / 23°C): 2,200-3,200 cPs
Thixotropic Index: 4.63
Glass Transition Temp (Tg): ≥80°C (Dynamic cure 20 – 200°C / ISO 25 Min; Ramp -10 to 200°C @ 20°C/Min)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): Below Tg: 31 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Above Tg: 158 x 10-6 in/in/°C
Shore D hardness:  75
Lap Shear Strength @ 23°C: 1,475 psi
Die Shear Strength @ 23°C: >10 kg / 3,400 psi
Degradation Temp (TGA): 425°C
Weight Loss:

@ 200°C: 0.59%
@ 250°C: 1.09%
@ 300°C: 1.67%

Operating Temp: Continuous: -55°C to 200°C
Intermittent: -55°C to 300°C
Storage Modulus @ 23°C: 808,700 psi
Ions: Cl- 73 ppm
Na+ 2 ppm
NH4+ 98 ppm
K+ 3 ppm
*Particle Size: ≤45 microns

Electrical Properties

*Volume Resistivity @ 23°C: ≤0.0004 Ohm-cm

Thermal Properties

Thermal Conductivity: 2.5 W/mK, Based on standard method: Laser Flash
  29 W/mK, Based on Thermal Resistance Data: R = L x K-1 x A-1
Thermal Resistance: (Junction to Case): TO-18 package with nickel-gold metallized 20 x 20 mil chips and bonded with EPO-TEK H20E (2 mils thick)
EPO-TEK®H20E: 6.7 to 7.0°C/W
Solder: 4.0 to 5.0°C/W