Crystalbond, temporary adhesive

Crystalbond, temporary adhesive

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A temporary adhesive. These wash-away adhesives are used as a temporary bond for holding delicate crystals, metallurgical specimens, glass components, and ceramic substrates for dicing, slicing, drilling and polishing. These materials adhere readily to metals, glass, ceramic and then can be washed, after machining away using various solvents.

Machining or slicing single crystal metal specimens. Grinding and polishing sapphire, ceramic, optical garnets, ferrites, and LCD glass. Dicing and slicing germanium and silicone wafers in semiconductor production. Dicing and slicing alumina and beryllia substrates for IC and microelectronic production. Holding beam leads in IC devices for pull-off tests. Dicing subminiature chip capacitors and microwave IC substrates.

Crystalbond Properties

Crystalbond Properties 509 555 590
Description Thermo polymer Thermo polymer Thermo polymer
Form 22mm dia.x182mm; stick Rectangle stick Rectangle stick
Softening 71°C 52°C 125°C
Flow point 135°C 54°C 150°C
Viscosity at flow point 6,000 cps 500 cps 9,000 cps
Colour Clear White Brown
Solvent Acetone or MEK Hot Water 590-S Stripper

Crystalbond 509
Offers excellent adhesion to metals, glass, and ceramic. This material is the best for precise high purity work since it leaves no residue after dissolving and does not clog the diamond wheel as compared to conventional waxes. Each stick weighs about 90 grams.

Crystalbond 555
Is the same as 509 but used in applications where it is desirable to have a temporary bond which is water soluble. Each stick weighs about 90 grams.

Crystalbond 590
Is the same as 509 but offers maximum adhesion to subminiature parts. Each stick weighs about 225 grams.