Lowicryl HM20 polar embedding medium MonoStep (DG)

Lowicryl HM20 polar embedding medium MonoStep (DG)

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Lowicryl resins are highly cross-linked acrylate-based embedding resins, designed for use over a wide range of embedding conditions. These resins provide low viscosity at low temperatures. The K4M kit is usable to -35 deg. C and is a polar (hydrophilic) medium, while the HM20 kit can be used down to -70 deg. C and is nonpolar (hydrophobic). Lowicryl's K11M and HM23 have properties similar to K4M and HM20, but can be used at temperatures 20 degrees lower than others: K11M at -60 deg. C, HM23 at least -80 deg. C. All of these resins are photopolymerised by long wavelength (360nm) ultraviolet light. Since the initiation of the polymerisation is largely independent of temperatures, blocks may be polymerised at the same temperatures used for infiltration. The resin may also be chemically polymerised at 60 deg. C.

Lowicryl MonoStep Single Component Embedding Media
The same as our Lowicryl complete kits but this new formulation allows you one stop embedding without all of the cumbersome preparation and mixing. This pre-mixed, ready to use resin, saves you time and minimises chemical contact. MonoStep Lowicryl is ideal for use in immunohistochemistry and immunolabeling. Store at room temperature.

C440 contains: 3 x 225mL Monomer E, 1 x 130g Crosslinker D, 4.8g Initiator C

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