NIGHTSEA Eclipse MicroTent

NIGHTSEA Eclipse MicroTent

  • $650.00
Product Code: OSFA-TENT


The Eclipse MicroTent is a unique product for fluorescence microscopy that provides local darkness around conventional laboratory stereo microscopes. Fluorescence microscopes are kept in dark rooms for good reason - fluorescence can be weak and in many cases it can be difficult to see well if there is any ambient light. Microscopes may be on lab benches in shared spaces, near windows, or in other difficult-to-darken locations such as in the field. Turning off overhead lights can help but inconveniences others.

The Eclipse Microtent creates local darkness around a microscope while still providing easy access to the sample stage and the focus and zoom controls. It is designed for stereo microscopes but could potentially be used with many varieties of compound microscopes.


  • Opening for the microscope oculars with elastic sleeve to minimize light entry
  • Large front flap provides easy access to the sample stage and can fasten open
  • Arm slots on sides to provide access to focus and zoom controls
  • User-customizable feedthrough patches to provide additional penetrations for camera port, power cords, CO2 lines, or other features as you need
  • Tru-Block Eye Shields included with every Eclipse MicroTent
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Dimensions: 460 x 300 x 500mm

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