NIGHTSEA fluorescence viewing system

NIGHTSEA fluorescence viewing system

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Product Code: OSFA-CY


Adapt your existing lab stereo microscopes for fluorescence

The NIGHTSEA stereo microscope fluorescence adapter adapts just about any stereo microscope (dissecting microscope) for fluorescence with no modification to the microscope itself. The modular design lets you easily switch between several different excitation/emission combinations to work with a variety of fluorescent proteins and other fluorophores. There are now six different excitation/emission combinations available, plus white light.


This simple system is excellent for:

  • Quick screening of your fluorescent genotypes -Drosophila, zebrafish, C. elegans,...
  • Genotype sorting
  • Fluorescence-aided dissection, injection, or micromanipulation
  • Freeing up your research-grade fluorescence microscopes for more demanding work
  • New faculty start-up budgets
  • Bringing fluorescence into the teaching laboratory

Mouse with actin labeled with GFP. Photo © NIGHTSEA/Charles Mazel
Mouse with actin labeled with DsRed. Photo © NIGHTSEA/Charles Mazel
GFP-tagged Drosophila larva. Photo © NIGHTSEA/Charles Mazel

Fluorescence isn't just for research microscopes anymore

  • Now sort on your laboratory-level stereos
  • Use to facilitate micromanipulation and dissection
  • Expand from your research lab to your classroom


  • Installs in seconds - just clicks into place
  • Interchangeable excitation/emission combinations
  • Move from microscope to microscope
  • No modification to your micoscope needed

Economical - more glow for the dough

  • Stretch your lab budget
  • Inexpensive enough for classroom use

Grows as your lab grows

  • Buy just what you need now (up to 5 different wavelength sets)
  • Add more as your needs expand

The stereo microscope fluorescence adapter system consists of

  • Flexible gooseneck lamp base with power supply
  • Light head
  • Ring adapter for microscope
  • Barrier filter
  • Filter shield

The light head, barrier filter, and filter shield are interchangeable so that you can easily switch between excitation/emission light filter combinations.

The microscope mounting adapter fits up to 67mm to work with the majority of stereo microscopes.

Once you are set up for one excitation/ emission wavelength combination, additional combinations can be added by purchasing a kit that consists of a light head, barrier filter, and viewing shield. These three elements can be removed and replaced in seconds, and color coding ensures that you are using the right combination. The barrier filter clicks on to the ring adapter magnetically, so it is easy to remove it to switch back to white light viewing.


Filter Set Excitation Emission Fluorophores
RB - Royal Blue 440-460nm 500nm LP GFP, eGFP, fluorescein...
RB-GO 440-460nm 500-560nm BP GFP, eGFP, fluorescein...
CY - Cyan 490-515nm 550nm LP YFP, Venus, Lucifer Yellow...
GR - Green 510-540nm 600nm LP DsRed, dTomato...
VI - Violet 400-415nm 460nm LP CFP, ...
UV - Ultra Violet 360-380nm 415nm LP DAPI, ...

Microscope Mounting Adapter - fits up to 67mm standard.

Green-only barrier filter

The green-only barrier filter isolates the green part of the spectrum and is for use with the Royal Blue excitation source. While our other barrier filters are long-pass filters this new filter is a bandpass, transmitting from approximately 500 to 560nm. The long-pass filter has served well for most users who need to visualize green-fluorescent protein (GFP), and if you are exploring fluorescence in nature it is preferable. The primary motivation for adding the green-only filter to the line-up was for the benefit of researchers using GFP in plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana, a common research model. Plants contain chlorophyll, which has a distinctive red fluorescence that can sometimes mask the GFP emission, making it harder to see and photograph.